The Garden ATC Courses:


Semester 1- The believer will be established in biblical foundations of the kingdom and who they are in Christ as they encounter His love and are awakened to kingdom purpose and vision. The believer will have opportunity to receive the fullness of salvation (sozo), be filled with the Holy Spirit and encounter freedom in all areas of their lives.

Semester 2 -The believer will encounter the presence of God by gaining a deeper revelation of His Spirit and the kingdom within them in order to fulfill Matthew 10:7- "Go preach the kingdom of heaven is at hand, heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons, freely you have received, freely give." They will be activated in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and will minister to fellow students in the safety of the class and will be given opportunity to go outside of class with other students and minister God's love.


Pre-requisite- To attend the second year of The Garden, students must have completed Kingdom 1 or complete an application for enrollment.

Internship- Students will have opportunity to minister alongside The Garden leadership, to first year students and in personal and corporate deliverances and outreaches. 

Vision- The purpose of the school of the prophets is to see believers go from deep to deep and encounter the depths of the Lord's love and presence, enabling them to receive revelation of their calling, destiny and to be relevant to their culture. The school of the prophets will raise up a new breed of end-time revivalists who will carry resurrection power and revival through prophetic revelation and who will be a living voice to the world. 

Semester 1 - The believers will receive greater revelation of their own destiny and purpose by gaining confidence in hearing and experiencing God as they mature and encounter the Lord's heart. These students will receive opportunity to minister with The Garden leadership to first year students throughout the year. 

Semester 2 - The original mandate in the Garden of Eden was for mankind, both male and female, to be fruitful and multiply and take dominion. This semester, the believer will learn about the government of God, kingdom leadership and discover how to take dominion in all areas of their lives, ministries and territories.

*Application required for enrollment for Kingdom I and Kingdom II*

Applications are available here in our School section Registration and Tuition page.

Kingdom I y Kingdom II en Espanol:

Los cursos de Garden School of Mistry Kingdom I y Kingdom II están disponibles en español. Para grabaciones sobre las lecciones y más información, contáctenos en:

Tele: 325-650-0441




Vision: To raise up strong leaders to serve within the body of Christ and their places of influence in the community by growing in the knowledge of the Lord in the power of Holy Spirit.

Purpose: To provide a foundation for believers to build upon as living stones, giving opportunity to serve and minister with The Garden and by providing apostolic oversight for them in their individual callings and ministries, bringing transformation to our culture in the demonstration and power of the Holy Spirit.

Pre-requisite:  Students must have completed Kingdom I and Kingdom II with The Garden Training Center, online at or in person. Application required.

FOURTH YEAR KINGDOM IV – Kingdom Advancement,Taking Ground

Vision: To see the bride of Jesus Christ, both individually and corporately, receive a deeper understanding of her inheritance so that she will take her position in Christ Jesus to bring heaven to earth and establish the kingdom.

Purpose: To raise up God’s Generals in His church by training them from the apostolic and prophetic foundation through the word of God, personal testimonies, and experiences in high-level deliverance aimed at taking dominion.

Pre-requisite: Students must have completed Kingdom I and Kingdom II with The Garden Training Center, online at or in person. Application Required.

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