These are testimonies given by The Garden family during the "God is Not Dead and Neither Am I" message series. To find out and hear more of the goodness of God in our lives watch the messages and testimonies on our Media Hub center.

1) What is the Greatest miracle God has done for you?

2) What has Jesus delivered you out of and from?

3) How has God healed you physically?


1. When He saved me and made me a new creation and then that He moved me miraculously from Alaska to Texas to The Garden

2. Delivered me from witchcraft, homosexual confusion, poverty mentality, fear of man, pornography, manipulation, wanderer spirit, Ahab spirit, victim mentality (and on and on and continues to deliver me…)

3. Healed me of an Allergy to banana’s and acid reflux disease


1. He picked me up from the pits of Hell and saved me by His Grace. Protection. He gave me a new name and gave me The Garden.

2. Delivered me from control, rejection, fear

3. Healed me of restless leg syndrome, high blood pressure and a demon that entered me when I had knee surgery.


1. I wasn't supposed to be born. Salvation. Sonship-I am a son of the most High King Jesus!!! All my children are saved and know Jesus and Jesus knows them.

2. Delivered me from generational infirmity, pride, rebellion, anger issues, alcohol, cancer.

3. Healed me from being ran over by a truck at 6 years old and back issues.


1. Raised me to Resurrection Life-full of Him with gifts.

2. Delivered me from terror, fear, evil (death, suicide, murder), timidity, perversion

3. Healed me of clinical depression, chronic back pain, body pain, disease, TMJ, sinus problems, stomach problems, eating disorders


1. He saved me, saved my mom on her death bed, He taught me how to love and to receive His love.

2. Delivered me from fear, Jezebel, Ahab, bondage, anger, and delivered from my disability

3. Healed me of diabetes, high blood pressure, fibro myalgia


1. Saved me from my sin and showed me an eternal perspective

2. Delivered me from lust, fear, abandonment, rejection, self absorption, witchcraft, curses-generational insecurity

3. Healed me of high blood pressure, Hurthie Celi neoplasm, tear in my retina


1. 2009, deliverance

2. Delivered me from rebellion, fear of arthritis, bondage to pornography/lust, pride/superiority, fear of people

3. Healed me of knee problems, hereditary heart issues


1. Moving back to San Angelo

2. Delivered me from Fear

3. Healed me of muscle cramp


1. He saved, healed and delivered me, He placed me in a Family and He is bringing forth my miracle children

2. Delivered me from he has delivered me and is delivering me from fear, rejection, isolation, pride, sarcasm, stubbornness, rebellion, doubt and unbelief, infirmity, antichrist, religiousness, wrong mindsets, hopeless, loneliness, lies I believed about myself

3. Healed me of constant back pain, flu/bugs, allergies, sinus infections, headaches, cramps, dysplasia cells, thyroid, vitamin D


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