Yesterday morning we went out on the streets of San Diego. We met many people and experienced more miracles than we ever had before. Just about with every person we ministered to we declared "Jesus Christ is Lord of lords and King of kings". The response was overwhelming. Many were overcome by Holy Spirit and healings and deliverance up and down the streets of San Diego! A lame man was laying on the sidewalk with a sprained ankle and bad knees. After prayer he got up and walked! All he could say was "Thank you Jesus, right on" over and over. He picked up his sleeping bag and walked away. We shared Jesus Christ as Lord of lords and King of kings with a man who has been on the streets over 12 years, his whole countenance changed and we could see life and hope arise in him. When we left he was wearing a big smile.Another large man in a wheelchair needed prayer for arthritis in hands and feet, during prayer and declaration we saw waves and waves of Holy Spirit just going through him. Can you say whacked!! The pain left his hands and feet and he was speechless.

Not only does this witness to the people we pray for, but by this time, people passing by stopped to listen and watch, usually people look and keep walking, people are being drawn to Jesus. As we were heading back to the car, a man with a small puppy, came across our path. He had been hit in the eye with a metal end of a tent flap. He was in panic mode and a lot of pain. He could not open his eye. We calmed him down and prayed healing and repeated the declaration. His was able to open his eye and the pain was almost all gone and he could see. He is one we have encountered before and he would not have anything to do with us. We are known on the streets as "HOPE DEALERS".

This is just a few of the precious people we witnessed to and prayed for. We must have shared THE LOVE of CHRIST with at least 35 to 40 people within 5 hours on the streets. Passing out snack bags, sitting on a curb talking with someone, giving a hug or just a smile can melt a lonely heart.

We give all Glory, Honor and Praise to The Lord of lords and King of kings!
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