My Dad who has not talked to me for about 5 years just reconciled with me this morning, Glory to Jesus!

He has been married to a lady from Mexico who has a witch as her aunt or cousin not sure which. She had that witch praying over my dad, or as I know, know under a spell. A long time ago she told me she had taken a picture of me and my grandparents and other sibling to that witch. Discord started and my dad disowned all of us, his children, and his parents and sisters. I started to pray over him a few months ago as I learned all the knowledge I now have from equipping the saints and binding witchcraft over him previously. I was delivered from the spells from her in the beginning of K1. Today my heart is filled with joy to have my dad tell me over the phone "I love you with all my heart,"  The words could hardly come out because of his tears. He has already made mends with my grandparents, his sisters, and my other siblings, and now I pray that I can actually lay hands on him to set him completely free. His wife and him are no longer together.
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