These are testimonies given by The Garden family during the "God is Not Dead and Neither Am I" message series. To find out and hear more of the goodness of God in our lives watch the messages and testimonies on our Media Hub center.

1) What is the Greatest miracle God has done for you?

2) What has Jesus delivered you out of and from?

3) How has God healed you physically?


1. Conceived a baby.

2. Delivered me from fear, rejection, expectation and performance.

3. Healed me from kidney stones, allergies/ skin allergies and upper respiratory infection.


1. Saved me, gave me abundant eternal life, healed me of Myotonic Dystrophy.

2. Delivered me from the spirit of poverty, fear of death, lust and lack, regions of captivity.

3. Healed me from recurring dislocated shoulder, stomach bug, toothaches, twisted knee, and of Dystrophy.


1. Salvation

2. Delivered me from fear of man, fear of heights, fear of death, fear of closed in places, religion, infirmities, rejection and isolation.

3. Healed me of back pain, shoulder pain, high blood pressure heart problems


1. Answers my prayers/ hearing my cry

2.Delivered me from cussing/evil, fear and witchcraft.

3. Healed me of a bad migraine.


1. He gave my children an earthly father. And gave us the house we are in now.

2. Delivered me from witchcraft, marijuana use and recall, depression and being an orphan.

3. Healed my back completely and a racing heart.


1. Besides giving His life for me, next would be delivering and healing me from my past that many said I could never be free from. That was a miracle!

2. All 14 root spirits, and lately another layer of bondage and fear of death. Cutting myself was also a big deliverance.

3. Healed my physical body from manifestations against itself. Strep, mono, platelet disorder, generational iniquity of infirmities, diabetes, west nile virus, stomach flu, flu, pneumonia.


1. After about 7 years of fighting myself believing I was saved He came and saved me and reassured me.

2. Delivered me from lust, fear, pride, condemnation, doubt, worry, deaf and dumb spirit, apathy, and fear of public speaking.

3. Sickness


1. Forgiven me over and over and over for the same mistakes.

2. Delivered me from fear, anger, jealousy, infirmity.

3. Healed me from a broken toe.


1. Preserved me in the years I walked in darkness so I would be able to come back.

2. Delivered me from fear, addiction, lust, poverty and whoredom.

3. Healed me from addiction, and serious allergies/ sinus junk.


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