These are testimonies given by The Garden family during the "God is Not Dead and Neither Am I" message series. To find out and hear more of the goodness of God in our lives watch the messages and testimonies on our Media Hub center.


1) What is the Greatest miracle God has done for you?

2) What has Jesus delivered you out of and from?

3) How has God healed you physically?


1. Saved my life, kept me, did not let me die in my sins, love never relented.

2. Delivered me from 30 years of intravenous drug use, alcohol, rejection.

3. Healed me of a broken heart, Hepatitis C, and tormenting perverse spirits.


1. After a cycle of failed relationships and marriages, He has given me the desire of my heart and placed me in a marriage as it is intended to be. In the area of marriage and family, He has restored fully the years the enemy had stolen.

2. Fear of man, fear of death, fear in general, performance, religion / denominationalism, self hatred, condemnation, shame, despair and guilt...14 root spirits

3. Spinal meningitis, bone and joint pain, astigmatism in both eyes.


1. Greatest miracle I've experienced was my heart of stone becoming alive! (Other one was while traveling to prison praying for angels to be released to unit to take command my Lord showed Wendy and I their release from heaven. In the pitch black of night we started seeing light, ended up being like a big sun coming over the horizon, then bam! Pitch black again!)

2. I have been delivered from all 14 spirits, and perverse spirits.

3. I was dizzy for 4 months, the the Lord healed me of it.


1. Provided for me and my Mom.

2. Delivered me from anger, fear, bondage, smoking, un-forgiveness, trauma, generational curses, poverty and bullying.

3. Healed me from a broken arm, tendinitis, flu, a lot of surgeries, car wrecks, migraines, back problems and sports injuries.


1) Greatest Miracle is being brought out of darkness into light! Having a baby after having been told as a teen I'd never be able to conceive.

2) Delivered from anxiety/panic attacks, accident prone issues, anger, self hatred, lots of rejection

3) I've been healed from infertility, back pains, colds, & viruses.


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