Open to believers all across the world, we are proud to open up the GardenOnline School of Ministry. (GOSM) It has always been The Garden's passion to see The Bride of Christ come into fullness of who she is in Jesus Christ. Now on our online school all of our lessons, teaching sessions, and videos can be accessed by students across the globe so they can be brought up in Holy Spirit and encounter His presence daily like we do at the school itself.

Each student has the unique opportunity to take part in the semesters in their own opportune times and pace. Online students must be driven, hungry and have a diligence to complete each semester on their own. The Garden l eadership is always available for student questions, testimonies, or prayerand are alw ays there to strengthen and encourage students in their walk.

To ensure the vision and mandate of The Garden is imparted as fully as possible, please consider these points. Upon enrolling in the GOSM online the student agrees to fulfill these requirements to the utmost of their abilities:

- Timely viewing or listening to weekly lessons.

- Correspondence with a member of GOSM leadership in some form on a reasonable time basis for discipleship/relationship/accountability.

- Attendance for at least one impartation meeting (if you live in Texas or have reasonable access to transportation).

- Submitting to a sit down session of inner healing and deliverance as the Spirit leads.

- Online Students understand they are in no way official representatives of the Garden Apostolic Training Center without discussing the nature of the representation.

- If a student chooses to withdraw at any time, the student will notify the leader they are in relationship with to let them know of their decision.

If you agree to these terms, please contact Amber Hill to officially enroll, Applications are required and can be found here.

Amber Hill


Submit applications to:

The Garden Training Center

P.O. BX. 62721

San Angelo, TX. 76906-2721

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