Pre-requisite- To attend the second year of The Garden ATC, students must have completed Kingdom 1: or complete an application for enrollment and been accepted according to spiritual maturity.

Internship- Students will have opportunity to minister alongside The Garden leadership, to first year students and in personal and corporate deliverances and outreaches.

Vision- The purpose of the school of the prophets is to see believers go from deep to deep and encounter the depths of the Lord's love and presence, enabling them to receive revelation of their calling, destiny and to be relevant to their culture. The school of the prophets will raise up a new breed of end-time revivalists who will carry resurrection power and revival through prophetic revelation and who will be a living voice to the world. 

Students will receive greater revelation of their own destiny and purpose by gaining confidence in hearing and experiencing God as they mature and encounter the Lord's heart. These students will receive opportunity to minister with The Garden leadership to first year students throughout the year. 

*Application Required*


Classes Begin: August 28th, 2024

Classes End: December 11th, 2024

*Classes meet every Wednesday night from 6:00pm till 8:30pm

*Childcare available from newborn to 4 years old.


Classes Begin:  January 8th, 2025

Classes End:     May 14th, 2025

*Classes meet every Wednesday night from 6:00pm till 8:30pm

*Childcare available from newborn to 4 years old.

The following is the schedule of lessons to be taught throughout the year for Kingdom II.

Kingdom II Classes:

Gospel of the Kingdom

Destiny/Scepter of Righteousness

Spirit of Holiness

Dreams and Visions

Holy Spirit Empowerment

Perceptions, Part 1

Perceptions, Part 2

Dream Interpretation

The Anointing

Worship/Divine Romance

Prophetic Worship

Worship/Healing Presence

Kingdom Economy

Worship/Throne Room

Spring Semester:


Leadership/As One, Part 1

Leadership/As One, Part 2

Pure Gold


Gained Authority/Govt. of God

Fear of the Lord/Humility

Soak and Activate

Territorial Dominion

Territorial Warfare

Prophetic Activation

Spirit of Truth

Honor, Favor and Grace

Healings and Miracles/How to Pray

Treasure Hunt

Regions of Captivity

International Ministry

Leaving a Legacy


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