These are testimonies given by The Garden family during the "God is Not Dead and Neither Am I" message series. To find out and hear more of the goodness of God in our lives watch the messages and testimonies on our Media Hub center.


1) What is the Greatest miracle God has done for you?

2) What has Jesus delivered you out of and from?

3) How has God healed you physically?


1. Providing for my mother and I

2. Delivered from anger, lust, fear, smoking, victim mentality and broken heart

3. Healed from broken arm, testicular torsion, back problems from car wrecks, tendonitis


1. Gave me freedom

2. Fear, doubt and unbelief

3. Esophageal cancer


1. God gave us a baby boy!

2. Fear, insecurities and fear of death

3. Healed my jaw


1. Brought the wife I prayed for

2. Fear of being alone, pornography addiction

3. Demonic headaches and blindness


1. Seizures ceased

2. Prostitute mentality

3. Stomach/esophagus


1. Salvation, children, grandkids

2. Death

3. Arthritis in fingers 8-9 years ago.


1. Adoption by my parents and giving me an opportunity to be born and live this life

2. Defective heart when I was born, surgery for physical repair but complete healing after repair. Not verified yet, but I know He has healed me from Hepatitis C.

3. Judging others, religious spirit, not knowing Holy Spirit


1. He sent Sarah, Grace and Chelsey when I really needed Godly, close friends

2. Anxiety, jealousy, hatred, Jezebel, haughtiness, fear of man, rejection

3. Bitten cheeks were healed days after I stopped


1. Called me a daughter, placed me in a family, restoration of family, salvation, gave me vision, destiny, purpose, calling, restored me, lifted the veil and removed all lids.

2. Death, fear, rejection, jealousy, abandonment, pride, my flesh control, performance

3. Cold sores, the flu, sprained ankle, blurry vision, dog attack


1. My family

2. Fear of man

3. Quick recovery from any soreness or physical pain


1. Gave me life!

2. Myself! Sin! Self righteousness, etc, long list…

3. Numbness in hand, broken rib, broken heart, the list goes on.


1. Vida, en abundancia, libre, de conocerlo verdaderamente de sentirlo tan real y vivo de poder sentir cuanto me ama.

2. Espiritu de piton del espiritu Jezebel, Espiritu de muerte regions de cautividad.

3. Sanado mi Corazon, tumor en me vientre, sinusitis, dolor en mi alma, sanado completamente fisica mental y emocional


1. I was born again. He is creating Asher

2. Fear, pride, death, sin, selfishness, spirit of religion

3. Chronic pain in my neck


1. I’m alive

2. Cancer, fear of death

3. Completely healed body from cancer, side effects of treatments


1. preserved my life while I was an alcoholic/addict

2. most recently a region of captivity called the past – feels as if I am lighter, have greater vision and significantly more peace

3. 2007 miraculously healed of back injury received during epidural in 2001


1. Salvation, completely changed the outcome of my life and eternity.

2. Divination, pride, fear, rejection, sin, bondage, loneliness, plans of the enemy

3. Skin cancer, pain, infirmity, lifestyle and generational lifestyle of general poor health, rage, physical addictions. He’s just brought me into a completely different Kingdom in this age and the age to come. Nothing about me is as the enemy planned and all about me is being made into His likeness.


1. Salvation and The Garden

2. Fear, rejection, lust, poverty, control, co-dependency, jealousy

3. Constant back pain, nerve damage, headaches, ovarian cyst and cold/flus.


1. Greatest miracle that God has done for me is revealing Himself in salvation and in encounters on numerous occasions.

2. God has delivered me from pornography and pride and selfishness (still ridding me of more pride and selfishness)

3. God has healed my body from cold, flu and any back pains that I would have occasionally.


1. Saved me, that I have life, filled me with His Spirit

2. Pornography and masturbation

3. Cancer, diabetes and heart attack


1. Salvation, removed veil from my heart and mind, transformed me. *Opened my heart to LOVE

2. Poor eye sight, anger, frustration, death, pride and control

3. Stomach issues, headaches, warts, eye sight better – need no glasses, ADD, female troubles

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