The Garden Apostolic Training Network is relationships that God has brought together to walk with the Garden Leadership as family, to see heaven invade earth with the Love of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit in order to transform the lives of people.

The Garden Apostolic Network provides apostolic oversight to individuals, ministries, those in the marketplace and churches. As the Holy Spirit directs, we commission, ordain for ministry and set those believers whom God has called into the 5 fold offices in Ephesians 4- apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.


Mattaw Children's Village - Kitale, Kenya

Mattaw is a holistic ministry and has become more than just a home for children. Bud and Kimberly have been in Kenya since 2005 to love the poor, orphaned and street children. God birthed the vision of Mattaw starting in 2006. We realized an institution only goes so deep in helping restore a child. God gave us a vision to have small families where a child grows up accepted, loved and with all needs met. In 2008 we welcomed home our first group of children and many more have come through the gates and into the family since. Our first base is in a village called Taito. The word Taito actually means “first born” and we believe it is prophetic that it would be our first base of many. Taito is located just outside of Kitale town in western Kenya.




Radah Ministries - Bethany, OK

Ken and Caroline Howerton


The Gathering of the Saints - Midland Texas

The Gathering of the Saints meets on Sunday mornings and teaches the The Garden ATC Kingdom i and Kingdom II semester on Wednesday nights.

Dennis Email:   Phone: (432) 312-1688

Rachel Email:   Phone: (432) 934-4688


The Garden Gathering West - Temecula, California

Dave and Barb Spray meet with the saints on Sunday for service, and minister throughout the week to disciple, deliver, and teach the gospel of the kingdom to all in the Temecula Valley of California and the surrounding region.

Dave Email:   Phone: (325) 812-2209

Barb Email:     Phone: (325) 812-2201

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