Jesus did not die only for our sins to be forgiven, and to receive eternal life.

Jesus died for our peace; from all torments, strife and anxieties.

Jesus died for our healing; from all diseases, sickness, trauma, and heart wounds.

Jesus died for our joy; to be made complete in Him, so we do not have to suffer wrath.

Jesus died for our life to filled in abundance.

Jesus died for our justice; from lawlessness, injustice, and wrongdoing.

Jesus died to be our King; for He is Good.

Jesus died because he loves you more than life, and wants you to be His child.

We can not receive all of this in Christ Jesus unless we make Jesus our Lord and Master. Believing he is the Christ, who has redeemed us by His blood.  He shed it willingly, and is worthy to be King of all. We can resist and inhibit the full redemption of the Lord if we don't allow Him to be Lord in every area of our hearts and lives. He must be both Savior and King.  Lover and Master over all in your heart.  

He is the one who has done it all.  If you have not made Jesus Lord and Master over all areas of your heart and your life. Click here  


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