Empowerment Concepts:

Empowerment Concepts exists to provide knowledge and skill by obtaining a DIDL (Digital Information Drivers License), it proves that an individual can operate a computer among other things! The DIDL is the fastest, easiest, least expensive and most complete way to learn and prove you have learned computer skills. When completed, it is the only reliable way to document to employers, educational institutions and others that you really know how to use important software programs.

Check it out using the link for more information: http://www.empconcepts.com

For questions or more information on Empowerment Concepts or enrollment please contact:

Nancy Hadley at: nancy.hadley@empconcepts.com

EC First Run Application- click to download

Garden Publishing Company:

The vision of Garden Publishing Company is to give every day saints an avenue through which the expressions of their heart may be shared with the world. As we release revelation of the kingdom of heaven His will is done on earth as it is in heaven. The purpose of Garden Publishing Company is to give a platform to those who have something to give but can't do it alone.

Check it out using the link for more information and to make purchases:http://www.gardenpublishingcompany.com

For questions or more information on Garden Publishing Company please contact:

Lauren Caldwell at: lauren@thegardenstc.org

Mattaw Children's Village

The Mattaw Children’s Village is located in a small village just outside of Kitale, Kenya called Tiato which means “the first born.” There are currently 1.9 million orphans in the country of Kenya alone and it is our truest hearts desire to one day have enough Mattaw Villages to house every orphan in that country.

Mattaw is a holistic ministry and has become more than just a home for children. Bud and Kimberly have been in Kenya since 2005 to love the poor, orphaned, and street children. God birthed the vision of Mattaw starting in 2006. We realized an institution only goes so deep in helping restore a child. God gave us a vision to have small families where a child grows up in accepted, loved, with all needs met. In 2008 we welcomed home our first group of children and many more have come through the gates and into the family since.

Mattaw Ministries began as a children’s village, and that is the core of what we do. However; we realized God was calling us to more than that. Our heart is aligned with God’s heart, which is to not only to rescue the physical orphans but also those who are spiritually orphaned. We are called to more than simply showing people the way into God’s family, but to train and equip all that are a part of Mattaw Ministries. Our mission is our commission, to make disciples of all nations, equipping them to be the hands and feet of Jesus and do exactly as He did and still does. It was out of this heart for the body of Christ that we started the school of ministry.


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